That Was The Moment I Realized, I Wasn’t As Big A Peice Of Shit As I Thought I Was!

That moment where it all came down to me and the only place I had really blown it was in my mind. The only person who ever really gave up and believed I blew it was me. I used it as and excuse, because it was easier than doing the work. But time while our biggest enemy, also at certain times can be are biggest friend. I realized I wasnt as big a piece of shit as I thought I was, I realized I could still fix it and time became my friend. It made me realize that what I lost was really never anything that important at all! We tend to make our monsters a hundred feet tall in our  mind, when in reality they are no bigger, better or badder than us, the mother fuckers who step up in this life get it done. I could fix it all, I could come back with my head held high and make it all right, it comes down to how badly do I want to sleep. How badly do I want to fuck off and waste time, gym and business is all I get if I want to pull this off and now it comes down to one of the most important things in life, something I have never had. A ten letter word, that if you don’t have it in your life, your life can turn to a shit show in  a hurry, DISCIPLINE! Today I had a moment, if only for a second, but it was a moment, maybe the most important moment in my life, so pay attention you never know when or where you are going to have that moment!  Today that moment told me it wasnt over, I was as big a piece of shit as I thought I was and I still have cards left to play!


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