We All Have Wounds We Want To Heal

Time can make it better, or it can make it worse. It can make you or it can destroy you, what you chose to do with your time will define you. A family, a wife and kids, a legacy, a home that’s what a lot of us dream about. What is success? Money? A family and friends? Helping others? You know what success is when you see it, but lately I have been wearing anything but success and you know as well as I do, we show it! I have wounds to heal, but at least I am honest about it. To many have wounds and problems and just continue on as if nothing is wrong and things will just take care of themselves! Wounds dont heal on their own! It takes neopsporin, it takes a band-aid, it takes different parts of your body to come together and fix them, the wounds you have, you have the ability to fix them, and I am done talking about wounds and how bad it hurts. For the past five days I have fought it and done what I thought I couldn’t do and I beat it. You know what? It wasnt as hard as I thought it was going to be and it actually felt pretty damn good. Go out and try to heal some wounds, and whether you have success at it like I did or not, go out and try to do something that you think you can’t do! There are going to be some long nights and for sure some hard fights, but in the end as much as I hate him, I want that Nike commercial that Jeter is in. A guy as far as sports guys go who did it right, no roids, no drugs, no beating on woman or disrespecting the game that he gave so much too and gave so much to him. While Jeter probably hasn’t done the things that I have, he too has made mistakes and how cool would that be in the commercial like it is when a red sox fan tips his hat to a Yankee. You bet your ass, love him or hate him, he gets cheered every at bat that last series in Fenway. How cool would that be for something like twenty years to be probably the most hated sports figure in a city and then spend the last three days of the regular season hearing them cheer you, I want to be a guy like that! I guess I better get down to business and take care of healing these wounds!


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