The Road Temptation Leads Us Down!

Oh what a web we weave, when we first set out to deceive is how the verse goes I believe! Its like in that movie, I think it’s a few good men, with Tom Hanks, if I am wrong I am sorry. But they let the enemy soldier go and it comes back to bite them in the ass when Tom Hanks character is killed by him. What we don’t do is just as important as what we do, do sometimes. Life is worth fighting for, temptation takes that fight out of us and is just around  every corner. Cheat on your wife, snort this line of drugs, buy that thing you really can’t afford on credit, gotta look the part! Lol, the things we do to keep up appearances in the end usually make us uglier than we would have ever been, if we had just been ourself! It’s not about winning the battle anymore, beating your demons or dealing with temptation, winning isnt and option, it’s the only option! This is rock bottom, it could always get worse I am a realist, but not much worse and it sure as hell can get a lot better from here. If I quit letting temptation win, I think a lot of things could start happening a lot faster, and just maybe I could quit wondering why they aren’t happening and actually start watching them happen. How cool would that be, oh yeah that hot girl in the gym I was talking about, some knuckle head douche boyfriend! Why does that always happen, the hottest girls with the biggest tools? I swear the biggest tool in my group of friends gets the hottest girls and while it’s not all about hot girls, damn it, I really wanted to bang her! Well shit, guess I need a new goal, guess I should get back to that trying to make the world a better place, guess I should get back to trying to keep that promise to that six-year-old little girl I made at her casket.  I am coming to realize that the only thing that wins, when you let temptation win, well is simply temptation!


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