Been Fighting This Boogie Man I Can’t Seem To Beat, For Far Too Long!

The boogie man unfortunately would have the same name as me when I look down at my drivers licence! Afraid to be me, and if I had just been me, oh how the cards would have fallen differently. I feel like that kid the other day who went all in with Aces and the other guy had aces and pulled a straight, straight kicked in the gut. The feeling I had the other night when I realized she was with someone else and I was to old to be losing bullshit that matters and I can’t even call my best friend and when does this shit end man! It ends, when I put to bed this boogie man who is me. It ends when I knock of the bullshit and choose to grow up, when I choose to do what I am supposed to do. That is how we change the world, by opening our minds and always doing what we say we are going to do! While I been fighting him for far too long, I can’t make the excuse anymore that I can’t beat him! Fuck I created him, and if you create  the mess than you can beat the mess. Not your mommy, not a bottle of alcohol, not anything in the world can figure it out but the man in the mirror Michael Jackson! Every single day that you choose to fight a boogie man who you created, you get a little older! Yeah it hurts, it sucks sometimes these things that we go through in this life, but go through them and get through them, don’t live your life living in the middle of them and going nowhere! Time to make friends with that monster under my bed, I can’t seem to beat him, so I might as well man up and join him and figure away out. I been running from the same boogie man for far too long, im tired. It just can’t end where it began for me, it just cant go down like this and today I realized one thing. All I have to do for it to go down a different way, is beat the boogie man!


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