Going Cold Turkey Is A Bitch!

Boy not sure where I am going to go with this one today, been trying to put something together in my scrambled mind all day and pretty much nothing. Some days are like that, its like going cold turkey, it’s just a bitch! Felt like I was chasing my tail all over the place all day long, what I wanted just one step in front of me. Getting A done and then realizing I don’t have time for B, and still feeling kinda bad about what I did. Kinda I guess, while her heart breaks tonight like mine did two and a half months ago over a different girl, I am finding, sometimes being a human can get kind of ugly and we do things we aren’t proud of and people get hurt! We do things sometimes to serve our needs, just like we at one point were used to serve a need and when we look back at it, its ugly, but we just don’t feel as bad as we thought we would! I guess it is called living, but quitting what we want clod turkey is a bitch, quitting what we could care less about, well we care less about it. Having to quit something that we don’t want to is the biggest bitch in the world and it will show us that we are capable of saying and doing things because we were hurt that we never thought we had the capability of doing or saying! So I guess if we are capable of doing shitty things that we never thought we were capable of doing, then we are capable of doing some pretty damn good things too that we thought we were never capable of! Do something nice for someone, quit something you know you should cold turkey, even though it is going to be a bitch, and then grab this bitch called life by the horns and live it!


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