Could We All Really Be Loved The Way That God Made Us?

Could we get past beliefs, color and differences, could we hold a cease-fire in the Middle East for more than 48 hours? Could we stop thinking twice about it when we get on the plane with a middle eastern man? Could we stop assuming because he is black and sags his pants that he has a gun and he is going to shoot us? Could we really all be loved the way that God made us? Or is the Ed Sheeran song and the illegal weed getting to me? Is that all just a pipe dream? What was done to you and what we are doing to each other are of little consequence now! This all comes down to who the fuck is going to man up and figure this out? God gave us free will to make the right choices and love each other the way he made us. He didn’t do it so countries could gas their own children a.k.a. Syria! He didn’t do it so planes could be shot out of the sky because nobody has the balls to stand up to Russia. And I’m tired of these morons saying oh there’s a lot more  to  it than that! No there isn’t, it comes down to protecting interests and money, if people cared as much about people as playing politics, shit would change! But honestly with the sad state of things that I see out there lately, I  don’t know if we could all really be loved the way that God made us. Hell if you listen to the news or read the paper, it would seem with what is going on that there is no chance for us! Hope, a leap of faith and a chance that we could all could be loved  the way we are is all we got!


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