Talaviagra Nights!

None of it makes sense anymore, she led me down a road and then dropped me on my ass and boy did I fall. While mad about it, I forgot about the girl who wants so badly to be my girlfriend, so I keep her around for fun because I still am not over my ex. Funny on those talaviagra nights how we come to terms with who we are in the end though we want to believe we are better, we are usually are not. Seems in the end that old saying holds true, what you are judging or mad at others about, you can probably find a lot of it in yourself! I have done so many things in this life that I am not proud of, but I held my ground for so long, knowing I didn’t want this girl and how much she wanted me, I was better than being that guy, until I wasnt! Now people get hurt and I will inevitably do what I always do and just walk away and leave the pieces. Most of my guy friends say, it’s no thing, you didn’t tell her that you were her boyfriend, you made no commitment, but someone always gets hurt in that situation and  I could care less, she will fall apart like I still am over my ex and here we go again on this ride on these talaviagra nights, when we do to others what was done to us. Funny, not judging myself so much for being a piece of shit as I judged my ex who did me dirty the same way! Maybe that do unto others as you would have them do to you is  true, because I know this, I have no excuses and nobody to feel sorry for me. I did this to myself, I let it go down like this and I guess we all have demons we go out and try to conquer everyday, sometimes we win and sometimes the demons do, finding away to beat the demons a whole lot more than they win is all we can  hope for! I have to hope for some guts to end all this bullshit and step up and be the man I should be. What is the point of having sex with a pretty girl who wants you, when all you want to do is finish? Yeah I am starting to realize a lot of the shit I have let go on around me and I now know why it has gone down this way. So on this talaviagra night, I have decided to lock shit down and tighten it up, potential doesn’t mean shit if you don’t use it and it is long past time to use it. I got a lot of overdue checks to cash, my mouth wrote them, now my ass better figure out a way to cash them!


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