And I Wonder Where Were You!

Where were you when I needed you most, I was there for you, the words from the new Maroon 5 song play over and over in my head, but that is the problem, they are just words, they only have the power you give them by the action you put behind them! I was there for you, so where were you when I was down on my knees? That’s right, I forgot you were the one who put me there, and you just went on living your life-like I never mattered, could have cared less what happened to me! You ripped my heart out with your actions, and left it there beating on the bathroom floor that I couldn’t pick myself up from, right in front of me while I buried myself in a bottle of bourbon. I was there for you when it matted most, when you were broken, I wonder where you were when I needed you most, when you said you would have my back, when it really mattered where the fuck were you? When it was all on the line and we could have saved it, when we still had it in the palm of our hands and we hadn’t let it slip yet, where the fuck were you? What you were high when I needed you most? You were out worrying about yourself and nothing else and could have given a shit less about me, that’s where you were huh? So when this all went down, where were you? Why weren’t you there for me, this isn’t some poem about footsteps and God carrying you in your darkest times, while I believe in God, this is my darkest time and this is my life, where the fuck were you? You owed me more, after all I did, after all the things I did for you, I tried so hard and I carried you and this is how you chose to leave it! So this in the end is what I amount to, nothing? You told me how much I meant to you, you told me all of the things that we were going to do a lot of things and now I am here hurting and you are there. I guess when they say live your life before it lives you, they aren’t kidding, because the person I was depending on to pull it off, the one I am talking about, the one that said they were going to have my back and let me down is me!


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