The Whole Point Of Using Is To Escape Realitty!

To escape how bad it is, to forget that it may never get better, to run and hide inside that place in your head that usually makes it better. What happens when it doesn’t anymore? You gotta stop looking at now and start looking at down the road if you do the work. You gotta face reality instead of trying to retrace a past in a haze using what got you there in the first place, keeping you from the reality that you could have. Funny in that haze, you only want the ones that you are doing it with to see you like that, the ones that really matter, you sure clean up nice for them and put on a phony reality! Sometimes the truth sucks and reality really does bite, you can spin it in your head however you want thinking that you can still pull it off, but  I don’t know if I have it in me anymore to be fearless and fate and destiny love the fearless. The ones who run at it, the ones who drop everything and move across country to make it happen, the ones who run at the light at least trying to shine in it, instead of cowering like a little bitch! The whole point of using is to escape how bad reality sucks, but if I called you out right now and told you that you could do more, could you call me a liar? Truth is about 99% of the time that we don’t get what we want, when we look back and if we are honest, we usually find that we could have done more. I know I could have done more, but I again as I have said before, I was to worried about what didn’t matter and now all that matters is making a move. I have two to make, I bet a few of you out there have a move or two to make too! So let’s make them and see what happens, because reality may bite, but there is no drug, no liquid, no anything on the planet that lets you escape it!


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