Pick Your Battles, Before They Pick You!

A genius I am not, but intelegance isn’t just rated by a book or a test, we all know that and the one lesson I have definitely learned, is you have to pick your battles. My mother had convinced me how bad pot was and I didn’t even smoke until I was 20, until I did! Not knowing at the time, because I was to young and dumb, but once and addict likes something, it is like prying a newborn child from a mothers arms trying to quit. It stays with you, it defeats you and it tries to break you and some days it sure seems like it wins! The battles we choose to fight in this life are what matter in the end. I realize now all that I lost maybe wasnt meant for me, I didn’t fight hard enough to win that battle. Or maybe it was all meant for me, but like NFL receiver Justin Blackmon I was too high to pay attention to the life that was passing me by! We all have some talent, I don’t know what yours is, but I know I have spent too long wasting mine. I know the one thing that kills me today, Thursday July, 24th is this, I will never know! I had it all in the palm of my hands and whether it was meant for me or not, I will always have a why, because I fucked around and I wasnt ready the life I wanted had no choice but to leave me behind and move on! That little meme I think they call them that says something about leaving people behind and if they are meant to be they will catch up is bullshit, we have moments, choices and battles to pick. Choose your battles wisely, in the end they define your life. Choose your words carefully, once you  call her a miserable bitch you can tell her a hundred times you are sorry, but she wont forget it. If she gives you her heart, hold on to it for dear life and don’t lie to her. If your best friend keeps picking you up off the mat when you couldn’t and you piss his friendship away through choices, you start to learn something. You start to learn what battles are worth fighting and what battles never were, in the end as I look at a bag of weed I havent touched for days, it seems silly that I couldn’t beat it! There is that word again, couldn’t, I guess I always had the opportunity to make it happen, I just wasnt picking the right battles!


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