Execution Takes Nearly Two Hours!

Id try to feel bad for the guy, but I have been executing myself for the past fifteen years! Had to write one more tonight, the one earlier just didn’t feel right, well honestly it plain fucking sucked! The inspiration, what I was fighting for has left me, and I don’t think lost is the word, but playing that dangerous game of getting content at just barely getting by. Its okay right? I’m not a starving kid in Africa, I am not some kid worried about getting bombed in Gaza, so hey getting by doesn’t seem so bad… Until you wake up one day and it is so bad and it has cost you everything, because the people who mattered wanted more and expected more from you! The comes a point where in two hours you must execute a plan about how to attack it before it executes you. You must forget about all of the reasons why it can’t happen and start coming up with some reasons why it can in a big hurry, because right now you look like the fucking loser you are with egg on your face!  If you want it, it is all about the execution, it is about the 3 in the morning, fighting sleep making it happen because you are willing to do what everybody else isn’t willing to do. Thats what it is about, finding a way to do it different after having it shoved in your face and then doing it.


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